Honeymoon Wish List

Wedding Series Honeymoon Wish List

The Ls Papa and I are in discussion about our wedding, although we aren’t sure on the timing of the event just yet with a huge Australia trip planned for next year, we are still bouncing ideas around and working out what the pair of us would want for our big day.

In my last post, I discussed the importance of setting a budget and keeping in mind the cost of things as weddings can have a habit of spiralling out of control. This time I thought I would jump straight to the honeymoon side of things.

I think a honeymoon is a lovely way to celebrate your marriage just as a couple or taking the children with you and enjoying as a family. We haven’t decided what we will do yet but the chances are Baby L will be with us at least.

There are some places that would be the absolute dream and other places that are perhaps a little more realistic. Here my topĀ  destinations, I would love to hear what yours are:


To me Rome is just envisioned as the city of romance, don’t you think? With all of the culture to soak in, the mouth-watering food to enjoy and just the atmosphere I think it would be a greats destination to spend your honeymoon. Although a little different from a beach holiday, a city break can provide you with a chance to do something a little different.

I would love to be able to do more city breaks however with a youngster this perhaps wouldn’t be ideal if Baby L was coming with us. He would end up being in a pushchair for a lot of it, so maybe something to consider if we get a chance to go away as just a couple.


Thailand is one of my dream holiday destinations, so to go there on my honeymoon would be a dream!

Thailand has so much to offer for newlywed couples, from its wide range of hotels and villas to the many relaxing activities on offer I just think it would be the perfect honeymoon getaway.

I’ve always wanted to stay in a 5-star hotel but thought this was an unnecessary ask for the average holiday, although I think my honeymoon could be an exception.

5-star hotels in Sukhumvit, Bangkok have a reputation for being some of the best for couples on their honeymoon, offering the liveliness of the city, whilst still being near the beach. They also have a range of luxury facilities including dining, pools and even a gym.

Thailand is definitely up there on my list of top honeymoon destinations!


I don’t know why I just have Barbados on my bucket list of places to visit and as a honeymoon option, I think its something to consider.

I see those glorious sandy white beaches and I can just imagine lying there with no sound other than a sea and the sparkling bubbles on my champagne.

Its a dream, and maybe one I will get to experience one day, but it’s certainly an option. I think this is doable with a family as well as there are some lovely resorts catered to the family.

The Maldives

This is another dream of mine and again it’s the images I have seen that just make me want to pack my bag and head on over there. The lovely white sandy beaches of the Maldives look absolutely glorious.

I think the Maldives is the perfect honeymoon destination and I think if you are celebrating as a couple or as a family its the opportunity to have that luxury feel.


Lanzarote is a place close to my heart and so to spend our honeymoon there would be wonderful. We have just had our latest family holiday there and so if we ended up having a family honeymoon it would be the perfect destination for us.


This is another place I would like to visit but haven’t got round to yet. I think its the mix of designer boutiques, smart restaurants and sun-kissed beaches that have me thinking it would be a lovely spot to spend our honeymoon.

It seems that this place could be enjoyed as a family or as a couple and so definitely one destination I will be suggesting to The Ls Papa.

Honeymoons aren’t for everyone, but I just think its the perfect way to wrap up that special day and keep the wedding feeling alive a little longer, do you have a honeymoon wish list?

I would love to know where you would like to go.