How to choose a unique wedding venue

How to choose a unique wedding venue


I think whats really exciting about being in the early phase of planning is that you have all sorts of ideas of what you would like for your big day. You havent scrutinised your theme or finalised a colour scheme, youre just chatting about what you and your other half would like. We are flitting between a wedding at home and an abroad affair at the moment. Both with there own pros and cons but sometimes I think its just too similar to anybody elses wedding and the thought to strive for uniqueness takes over.

I mean why wouldnt I want our big day to be different? For our guests to come away from the experience and just think wow.

But then it got me actually thinking about whether crazy venues and experiences are really better because I think deep down a wedding is just two people celebrating their love for one another and surely thats a wow in itself is it not?

Into the blue recently let their imaginations run wild and came up with some very unique places to tie the knot. The female first article features places such as the amazon rainforest and sky diving.

You could even consider getting married at the top of Mount Everest.

Personally when I think about these weird and wonderful destinations to get married my first thought is my dress. What kind of dress would be appropriate for the amazon rainforest? I suppose we could go all Tarzan and Jane and have that as our theme to but I definitely think some of the crazy venues require a little more thought to the smaller details.

My favourite would be the Disney tower of terror I think, it sounds like so much fun and I would definitely want a fun filled day for our wedding.

It just goes to show that your wedding venue can be extremely crazy and be held sky diving out of a plane, or you can just stick to your local church and golf club reception venue, what ever you choose, the most important thing is that you are marrying the love of your life.

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