Wedding Colour schemes

Wedding Colour schemes

When did a whole wedding thing get so complicated? It use to be so simple, and of course it still can be but these days there is a lot to consider when organising your wedding and your colour scheme and theme is one of the biggest decisions you have to make. Its what will tie your whole wedding together.

I for one love this idea and my colour scheme at the moment is looking like its going to be blues, greys and silvers. A blingy winter wonderland type theme. I dont want anything to over the top. But I want a little glitz and sparkle to dazzle my guests and I think blues and greys will really compliment that.

The type of blue however I am totally undecided about. I love the idea of navy bridesmaid dresses, but then I also like the idea of a bright blue to contrast with the dark that a winter month would present me with anyway. If that makes any sense at all.

At the moment these are all ideas in my head and the moment we have something more concrete I will definitely be sharing that with you.

If by any chance we did get married in the summer the idea of a mint green really appeals to me. What do you think?

The fashion brand Coast recently conducted a survey of women and asked them their preferred colour choice for their upcoming nuptials and you would be surprised, or maybe you wont, that green was the least favourite of colour choices.

I was surprised to hear that purple was ranked the most popular choice. I would have expected Pink to have been up there. However the likes of Rhianna was recently seen wearing a lilac bridesmaid dress at a friends wedding and so maybe, being the trendsetter that she is, that might have something to do with it. Purple is such a vast colour though and anything from an aubergine to a lilac would fall under that colour.

I think purple is a colour that can be used throughout the year where as maybe the likes of green is just for the summer weddings, who knows? However top fashion influencers are stating that green will be this seasons colour.??You can see the full results here. You will able to see where my colour scheme choices fit in the survey.

Now all I need to do is to be able to order the weather to snow on my future wedding day and all would be perfect, wishful thinking I know.

What was your colour scheme? What colour scheme are you planning for your upcoming wedding? I would love to hear your ideas.